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    Invest in SMEs financing, invest in our future

    Unlock your potential growth through SME
    alternative financing

Are you ready to move on new solution to your cash flow problems?

Non collateral financing
Fast & Transparent
Building your credit worthiness

We offer SME with Cash Flow financing through our Crowdfunding platform

Flexible to the fund needs

The Minimum fund raising amount is from10,000 USD.

Flexible maturity terms

The maturity ranges from 3 to 12 months which is subject to the renewal

No collateral required

Financing can be accepted without any hard or soft titles guarantee.

No prepayment penalty

Early principal repayment is not subject to the penalty fee.

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Credit worthiness level

Credit worthiness level is the key indicator of your credit worthiness to get financing. The better your credit worthiness level, the lower your financing cost. “A” is the best credit worthiness.

Your application summary


% per month
per month

Are you looking for new way to manage your money?

Our platform offers you with alternative investment opportunities

Higher return

Up to 18% per annum return

No investment discrimination

1,000 $, the minimum investment amount

Fast & Transparent

Empower & shorten your investment decision through our successful due diligence process

Building investment experiences

Become accredited investor based on experiences in the platform

How to get financing


Register as note issuer


Complete your registration


Be ready for assessment stage


Accept your credit risk assessment


Get your project listed the platform


Raise your funds


Pay the regular coupon & principle

How to invest


Register as investor


Complete your registration


Prepare for investor qualification process


Get your status as qualified investor


Start your investment screening


Decide to invest & transfer your fund


Get regular return and principal

Our collaboration spaces encompass:

SMEs Referral

For those working directly with SMEs can collaborate with us by referring us qualified SMEs seeking for cash flow financing. The benefit sharing is offered once SMEs got its project financed in our platform.


Our platform is not closed end to external investor aiming to support our SMEs financing. Investment in the platform can effectively be conducted in a collaborative approach regarding your risk aversion level.

For more info, please contact +855 95 957627

Statistics in our platform


SME Cash flow problems

has been solved in cic-investment platform


Millions USD financing gap

has been bridged through cic-investment platform


Investors (Local & International)

commit firmly to support SMEs financing in cic-investment platform


Days at maximum

to get financing after listed in cic-investment platform


% Non payback ratio

illustrate our reliable and accurate assessment model

Invest in SMEs financing, invest in our future

Unlock your potential growth through SME alternative financing

Invest in SMEs financing, invest in our future

CiC-investment is Cambodia’s first crowdfunding platform aiming to mobilize investors to provide Cambodian SMEs a new solution to cash flow financing challenges.

To that extent, we commit for SMEs’ growth reason standing on our knowledge and expertise to best serve them on cash flow financing solution.

SMEs’ interest is our priority

Your financing choice:

We understand SMEs’ access to finance difficulties and we thrive to offer SMEs with more and more reasonable financing solution in terms of timing & pricing.

Your Strategic Partner:

We position ourselves as SMEs’ long terms trusted strategic partner standing on our integrity, respect, benevolence, win-win relationship, privacy & data security.

Your Services Excellent provider:

We commit to serve you best by focusing on our best user experiences (both offline and online)