CiC Business Network “Mekong Angel Investors Network”

Published Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 12:21 PM. Published by: Heng Keomorokath

To build more network and expand business investment opportunity among international and local angel investors, Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) in cooperation with Cambodia Investor Club (CiC) and Small World Cambodia to bring a group of international angel from various countries around the globe such as Australia, European Union, United States of America and Vietnam to participant in an event called “Mekong Angel Investors Network” happened on 8-9th September 2016. 

The event happened for two half days of 8th and 9th September, for the first day angels introduced themselves and share their expectation from the event.

For the second day, the pitching day for all Cambodian local SMEs business owners or young start up to present about their business to group of   angel investors and local participants.

Total of fourteen pitching companies, from more than ten pitching companies coming from various field of business idea such as natural tea products, clothing, clean water supplier, online messaging etc. The pitching process is 5 minutes for each company presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answer from angels.

Activities including outcome to connect, to share and to learn from each local and international angels in order to spread out knowledge about presenting skill, how to do pitching, and questions and answers from public to know more about angels experiences and understanding about start-up business.

Lastly, a bit congraculation to our 5 local business owners who won this competition were: Golden Yem Tea (GY), Plas Gate, Dream Fashion, Crassana  and Angkor E&C which four of them are CiC members.

(Photos credit to CiC Management Team)