CiC Company Visit “Cambodia Chemical Supply Co., Ltd (Cam-Paint)”

Published Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 12:03 PM. Published by: Heng Keomorokath

On 10th October 2016, Cambodia Investor Club (CiC) partnered and cooperated with Cambodian Chemical Supply Co, Ltd. (Cam-Paint) to provide a company visit and sharing session on understanding and knowledge about “Production and Sales Strategy” facilitated by Mr. Soum Sambath, CEO of Cam-Paint and BoD of CiC .

This activity is very important for CiC members to take part in and to gain more knowledge, understanding and experience on how products process and boost sales in company.  Our visit aims to provide participants with a fun, fresh and an open learning environment by touring around the factory and sharing session on “Production and Sales Strategy” including production processes and sales strategy such as tools and techniques, flexible sales strategy as well as unique selling proposition.

Our company visit designed and conducted using the structured learning and the method of “learning by asking” where participants will be provided some theories and understandings based on production and sales method. The sharing session will be interactively conducted following the sharing presentation, and questions and answers discussion.

CiC management team would like to deeply thanks to Mr. Soum Sambath and his staffs for taking a very good care of us during the visit as well as our CiC members for spending their half day time with us.


(Photos credit to CiC Management Team)