Cambodia Investor Club (CiC), registered its 1st stage as a business association under the Ministry of Interior, was originally established by the idea of 13 Cambodian businessmen and professionals, a local investment club which provides the support to local entrepreneurs who need to strengthen their business sustainability and management capacity in the long run as well as to access to external finance for its growth.

CiC is committed in serving our members a business consulting on business development and fund raising.

In the long run, CiC is striving to transform itself into Management Fund Company focusing on financing SMEs/missing gaps. In this outlook, CiC is responsible for deal origination, evaluation, structuring, post-investment support and exit structuring for the fund’s investments.

By leveraging via its members connections, CiC discovers potential enterprises and businesses, conducts the assessment in order to provide the wide range of financing solutions/investment schemes.

Not only providing funds, CiC also provides support to investors and our members through various types of support activities, especially in business and capacity building development.

Besides our business activities, CiC also takes part of social contribution by providing the continuous learning on business and management skills to our members. We build capacity of entrepreneurs, coach and welcome business idea of young talented generation.

Our Vision

We envision a prosperous local economy in which local entrepreneurs and investors actively participate in and benefit from.

Our Mission

We exist to mobilize local investors and build a most reliable investment platform where they could participate in and benefit from to their best potential in growing Cambodia’s local enterprises and economy in a sustainable and ethical.

Why We Need CiC?

Unify our local SMEs for competitiveness and power to be ready into Global and Regional Integration i.e. ASEAN’s Economic Integration 2015

What We Do?

Business Activities

Activity Description
  • Seeking for potential business project
  • Take minority part of investments
  • Offer investment scheme
  • Fund management for other Financial institution
  • Business & Project development & FUND RAISING support
  • Event organizer for NGO & Financial institution

Social Activities

Activity Description
  • Organize different type of social networking event among members and outsides
  • Promote and Give updated information related to other social networking and training event to members
  • Connect with international organization to seek for the overseas training opportunity for members
  • Recommend the useful link for member to access the overseas training as well as online course.
  • Contact with local companies and provide the field visit to members in order to learn and benchmark
  • Member field visit to seek for problem and the field they interest to invest(Member relation)
  • Promote CiC and entrepreneurs background
  • Matching investors and investees
  • Update economic situation of local context for private sector
  • Match the right person to assist other members who need the support
  • Refer the deal opportunity to related members for working together and gaining the benefits
  • Provide specific skill training opportunity to members in order to build their business and management capacity
  • Continuous Coach local young entrepreneurs

How to join CiC?

Membership Benefits

Ownership: members will be considered as a shareholder of CiC Plc. with an expected financial returns.

Access to Finance: members of CiC will get the privilege to access to equity and/or debt financing from CiC Plc. with the purpose to expand their business

Loan Matching Platform: members will have the access to debt financing from other investors if you are business owners

Membership: be a member of CiC Association with an expected social value creation

Capacity Building Program: be a member to get access to our training program both local and international, in-house sharing program by our various field experts, coaching, mentoring and business consulting services

Networking: be a member to take part in a powerful network of successful entrepreneurs and professionals among CiC members and beyond

Door to more opportunities: CiC will be an open door to many other business opportunities among members and beyond

Investment opportunity: the members can also co-invest alongside CiC and its members.

Part of a solution: each and every member is a part of social-economics development of  Cambodia


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